We Build Crates! A New Woodshop!

There’s nothing like ‘brand new’ and here at Naglee the Fine Arts Division now has a brand new, heated Woodshop. We can build any type of crate for any type of object. In the past NFA has built crates for paintings, sculpture, glass – even large scale model ships and a stuffed swordfish. Standard crates are divided into two categories: ‘Dollhouse’ and ‘slat’.

A ‘Dollhouse’ Crate is a term used to describe any crate designed to house 3d work. Imagine a sculpture with an extended arm. The arm would need support inside the crate, as well as the body to protect it from shifting. A ‘Slat Crate’ is used for anything generally 2d. A painting or a mirror that needs to be temporarily protected during travel.

Specialty crates would include a museum crate designed for a painting or piece of art. Generally that crate is specific to that piece, and would be used for shipping the piece for the lifetime of the crate.  A museum crate, since it’s to be used for years, has much more of a ‘finish’, including a paint or polyurethane coating and a custom interior.

Our experienced woodworkers relish a challenge. Call for a free estimate. (607) 733-5725



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