Naglee Fine Arts Welcomes Professional Photographer Ann Cady

Naglee Fine Arts recognizes the needs of their clients may go beyond a mere snapshot and is partnering with ARC Photography to meet those needs. Museums, collectors and galleries all require high quality images of artwork at various times. Photos that are color balanced and high quality.

A painting, for example needs to be positioned at exactly 90 degrees to the camera so there is no distortion. (Harder than it seems.) Then there’s the lighting. If the painting is varnished high sheen can make for a very tricky lighting situation. If a matte surface, the colors can look dull. Sculpture presents its own problems. What is the best angle? Where does one set the white balance? What should the background look like? Don’t even get me started on glass! All those highlights.

Credit ARC Photography
Situations such as these need the knowledge and experience of a professional photographer. Enter Ann Cady. With 17 years experience behind the camera, Ann has seen it all. Ann specializes in professional photography for artwork. Local artists know her as the go-to person for when they need excellent photos of their artwork – for a juried show, a catalog or for print purposes. As the owner of ARC Photography Ann has been contracted by the Corning Glass Market and the Corning Glass Studio. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including “Lark Books 500 Teapots”, “The Flow Magazine”, “Vendana Monthly”, “Early American Life” and various artist brochures and postcards.

Whether photographing in her studio or on-site, Ann strives to make the image as perfect as possible. Sometimes though there needs to be a bit of post-production tweaking. Experienced in both Lightroom and Photoshop Ann can adjust the image so it mirrors perfection.

When the Arnot Art Museum in Elmira, NY needed a high resolution image of their famous Bougereau “Art and Literature”, Ann photographed it on-site at the Museum. The painting measures 6 1/2 feet by 3 1/2 feet – unframed.  When adding the dimensions of a massive Belle Époque frame, this painting is impressively large.


At the Corning Glass Studio Ann photographed student and teacher Glass Art during their winter and summer workshops, as well as for the Ennion fundraising event. She also archived each year’s photography for the studio.

Naglee Fine Arts is proud to partner with ARC Photography and confident their client’s needs will be met.

Credit ARC Photography

Credit ARC Photography

Credit ARC Photography

Credit ARC Photography

Credit ARC Photography


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